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Gordon Mursell
The Carthusians, in: Lavinia Byrne (ed.), Traditions of spiritual guidance. Spiritual direction in the tradition, collected from "The Way", London, 1990, 255-262  
[Mursell 1990]
John B. Wickstrom
Carthusians, in: William M. Johnston & Claire Renkin (eds.), Enyclopedia of monasticism, dl. 1: A-L, Chicago & London, 2000, 244-247  
[Wickstrom 2000]
Peter Nissen
Carthusian worlds, Carthusian images. The fascination of silence and inaccessibilty, in: Studies in spirituality, 24 (2014), 143-154
[NIssen 2014] PDF-pictogram Nissen_Carthusian worlds, Carthusian images.PDF (5.83 MB)
Andrew Gray
A Carthusian sunset, in: Pax, 51 (1961), 140-150  
[Gray 1961]
Dennis D. Martin , m.m.v. John Van Engen
Carthusian spirituality. Th writings of Hugh of Balma and Guigo de Ponte, New York & Mahwah, 1996, XXIV-356-(4) p. (= The classics of Western spirituality, 88)
[Martin 1996] PDF-pictogram Contents.PDF (251.79 KB)
James Hogg
Carthusian spirituality, in: James Hogg & Gerhard Schlegel (eds.), Monasticon Cartusiense, dl. 3, Salzburg, 2005, 1-89 (= Analecta Cartusiana, 185:3)  
[Hogg 2005b] PDF-pictogram Hogg_Carthusian spirituality.pdf (14.67 MB)
Glyn Coppack
A Carthusian’s cell, in: The Tablet. Letters, 1989, 7 October , p. 1151
[Coppack 1989] PDF-pictogram Coppack_A Carthusian’s cell.pdf (1.68 MB)
Lancelot Capel Sheppard
The Carthusian rite, in: Orate Fratres. A review devoted to the liturgical apostolate, 2 (1928), 369-373
[Sheppard 1928]
William Paul Lundell
Carthusian policy and the Council of Basel, A thesis submitted ... for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy Centre for Medieval Studies University of Toronto, Toronto, 1996,  VII-290 p.
[Lundell 1996] PDF-pictogram Lundell_Carthusian policy and the Council of Basel.pdf (18.36 MB)
Anthony Ian Doyle
Carthusian participation in the movement of works of Richard Rolle between England and other parts of Europe in the 14th and 15th centuries, in: Kartäusermystik und -mystiker. Dritter internationaler Kongress über die Kartäusergeschichte und -spiritualität, dl. 2, Salzburg, 1981, 109-120 (= Analecta Cartusiana, 55:2)
[Doyle 1981]
Margaret E. Thompson
The Carthusian Order in England, London, 1930, X-550 p. (= Publications of the Church historical society, 3)
[Thompson 1930]
James Hogg
The Carthusian Order from its foundation to the present day, in: Analecta Cartusiana, dl. 225, Salzburg, 2005, 7-25
[Hogg 2005c] PDF-pictogram Hogg_Carthusian Order from its foundation to the present day.PDF (3.39 MB)
James Hogg
The Carthusian nuns. A survey of the sources of their history, in: James Hogg (ed.), Die Kartäuser und ihre Welt - Kontakte und gegenseitige Einflüsse. Internationaler Kongress vom 23. bis 26. September 1992 Gaming, dl. 2, Salzburg, 1993, 190-293
[Hogg 1993]
John Clark
The Carthusian nunnery of Gosnay in the chartae of the general chapter, in: Martine Valdher (ed.), Moines et moniales dans l’Ordre des Chartreux: l’apport de l’archéologie. Actes du Premier Congrès international d’Archéologie cartusienne, 22-25 juin 2006, Salzburg, 2007, 247-255 (= Analecta Cartusiana, 245)
[Clark 2007c]
Patricia Stoop & Lisanne Vroomen
A Carthusian nun’s Reportationes of Henricus Cool’s Sermons in the Low Countries, in: Virginia Blanton, Veronica O’Mara & Patricia Stoop (eds.), Nuns’ literacies in Medieval Europe: The Antwerp dialogue, Turnhout, 2018, 99-122 (= Medieval women: Texts and contexts, 28)
[Stoop & Vroomen 2018]
Tekla Leonore Bude
Carthusian mystical diaries, in: Tekla Lenore Bude, Musica celestis. Mystical song in Late Medieval England ... A dissertation ... presented to the Faculties of the University of Pennsylvania ... for the Degree of Doctor of Philosophy, Philadelphia ( PA), 2013, 47-114
[Bude 2013] PDF-pictogram Bude_Carthusian mystical diaries.pdf (491.67 KB)
S. J. Bulder
The Carthusian monastery near Delft 1469-1573: Sober hermits?, Master thesis, Leiden, Universiteit Leiden: Faculteit van Archeologie, 2017, – p.  
[Bulder 2017]
James Hogg
Carthusian materials in the London Public Record Office Collection SP I/239, in: Analecta Cartusiana, dl. 37, Salzburg, 1977, 134-144
[Hogg 1977]
Thomaš Brogden
The Carthusian liturgy, in: Magnificat. A liturgical quarterly, 3:4 (1941), 6-9  
[Brogden 1941b] PDF-pictogram Brogden_Carthusian liturgy (01).pdf (2.48 MB)
Thomaš Brogden
The Carthusian liturgy, in: Magnificat. A liturgical quarterly, 3:3 (1941), 5-10  
[Brogden 1941a] PDF-pictogram Brogden_Carthusian liturgy (02).pdf (2.48 MB)
Thomaš Brogden
The Carthusian liturgy, in: Magnificat. A liturgical quarterly, 2:12 (1940), 5-11  
[Brogden 1940] PDF-pictogram Brogden_Carthusian liturgy (03).pdf (2.48 MB)
Rafał Witkowski
Carthusian library catalogues, in: James Hogg (ed.), Die Reichskartause Buxheim 1402-2002 und der Kartäuserorden. Internationaler Kongress vom 9. bis zum 12. Mai 2002, dl. 2, Salzburg, 2004, 81-91 (= Analecta Cartusiana, 182:2)  
[Witkowski 2004] PDF-pictogram Witkowski_Carthusian library catalogues.PDF (2.24 MB)
William Thomas Whobrey
The Carthusian library at Buxheim. A virtual reconstruction, in: Robert G. Babcock & Lee Patterson (eds.), Old books, new learning. Essays on medieval and renaissance books at Yale, New Haven (CT), 2001, 67-79 (= The Yale University Library Gazette. Occasional supplement, 4)
[Whobrey 2001]
Barbara Halporn
The Carthusian library at Basel, in: The library quarterly, 54 (1984), 223-244
[Halporn 1984] PDF-pictogram Halporn_The Carthusian library at Basel.pdf (4.42 MB)
John Clark
Carthusian legislation under Dom Innocent Le Masson, in: Robert Bindel & Pierre-Aelred Henel (eds.), Dom Innocent Le Masson, chartreux méconnu, Noyonnais oublié. Tricentenaire de la mort d'Innocent Le Masson (1627-1703), 51ème ministre général de l'Ordre des Chartreux, Noyon 8-11 mai 2003, Salzburg, 2007, 91-104 (= Analecta Cartusiana, 209)
[Clark 2007a] PDF-pictogram Clark_Carthusian legislation under Dom Le Masson.PDF (2.78 MB)