Studies in Carthusian monasticism in the late Middle Ages

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Julian M. Luxford
Studies in Carthusian monasticism in the late Middle Ages, Turnhout, 2008, XVI-367 p., 46 ill. (= Medieval church studies, 14)  
[Luxford 2008]




I. Historical perspectives
- Life in an English charterhouse in the fifteenth century: discipline and daily affairs (Jams Hogg)
- The founders of the London charterhouse (Andrew Wines)
- Tribularer si nescirem misericordias tuas: cardinal Henry Beaufort and his carthusian confessor (Anselm J. Gribbin)
- Statesmen and contemplatives in the early fifteenth century (Jeremy Catto)
- Of monks and books: the disciples of Bruno and Benedict in later medieval England (John Greatrex)
II. Texts and devotion
- Carthusians as advocates of women visionary reformers (Dennis D. Martin)
- A manuscript of Petrus Dorlandus of Diest's Viola animae (A.I. Doyle) [Doyle 2008]
- Secret rooms: private spaces for private prayer in late-medieval Burgundy and the Netherlands (Ezekiel Lotz)
- The Latin verses over the cell doors of London charterhouse (Michael G. Sargent & Marlene Villalobos Hennessy)
III. Art and architecture
- A tale of two dukes: Philip the Bold, Giangaleazzo Visconti, and their carthusian foundations (Laura D. Gelfand)
- Precept and practice: the decoration of English carthusian books (Julian M. Luxford)
- The pilgrim in the cell: carthusian readers and Deguileville (Jessica Brantley)
- The church of Mount Grace priory: its development and origins (Glyn Coppack & Jackie Hall)
- The tombs of the Acciaioli in the certosa del Galluzzo outside Florence (Brendan Cassidy)