De Historiebijbel van 1361. Een poging tot reconstructie


Mikel M. Kors

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Mikel M. Kors
De Historiebijbel van 1361. Een poging tot reconstructie, in: Ons geestelijk erf, 76 (2002), 3-14  
[Kors 2002]


Historiebijbel van 1361 (ars translatandi)


Geactualiseerd in [Kors 2007a]33-46.


The so-called "Bijbelvertaler van 1360" was one of the most prolific translators in Middle Dutch literature. He probably was a monk in the charterhouse of Herne, near Brussels. He made translations from christian classics, intended both for lay people and clerics. One of his major projects was a Bible translation, made at the request of Jan Taye, member of the Brussels governing elite. An important part of this translation is a Middle Dutch Historical Bible, completed in 1361. A Historical Bible only contains the historical books of the Scripture, enlarged with commentaries, glosses, etc. None of the extant manuscripts contains a version of the Middle Dutch Historical Bible that is in accordance with the intentions of the translator; the same is true for, e.g., the Bible historiale by Guyart Desmoulins (ca 1280). Prologues, epilogues and colophons in the manuscripts, however, give us the opportunity to reconstruct the contents of the Historical Bible as it was presented to Jan Taye in 1361.