Un livre du chapitre de la Chartreuse de Chercq (Bruxelles, KBR, ms. 3930-31)


Bernaer, Jos

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Jos Bernaer
Un livre du chapitre de la Chartreuse de Chercq (Bruxelles, KBR, ms. 3930-31), in: In Monte Artium. Journal of the Royal Library of Belgium (KBR) [Website], 15 (2023), 1-30  
[Bernaer 2023]


Brussel KB (ms. 3930-31), Chercq O.Cart. (ms. Brussel KB), Chercq O.Cart.: Liber capituli (ms. Brussel KB), liturgia, manuscripta


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“In this article the provenance of the Brussels manuscript KBR, ms 3930-31 has been discussed. This identification relies on three indicators. First the similarity with the calendar of the Paris Missal, Bibliothèque Mazarine, ms 425. The calendar of this missal as well as ms 3930-31 contain a series of feasts, typical of the Carthusian order and the exceptional feast rank for St. Andrew. The second clue is the mention in the Parisian manuscript BnF Latin 5260, which contains a note mentioning that this manuscript was lent by the Carthusians of Vauvert (Paris) to their fellow brothers of Chercq. And thirdly, there is the composition of the manuscript containing a chapter book (incomplete today) from a Carthusian monastery. The chapter books of the Carthusians deviate from the definition of this liturgical book. In the tripartite composition, the Carthusians replaced the rule of order by the Epistles of Paul and the Catholic Epistles. On the basis of a series of added eulogies, it was possible to make a provisional stemma of chapter books of various Carthusian monasteries, where the Brussels copy of Chercq is situated”.