The Birgittines of Syon Abbey: Preaching and print


Powell, S.

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S. Powell
The Birgittines of Syon Abbey: Preaching and print, Turnhout, 2017, XXII-348 p., 5 ill. (= Text and translations, 11)  
[Powell 2017]


London O.Cart. (Ordo Sanctae Birgittae), Ordo Cartusiensis >< Ordines alii, Sheen O.Cart. (Ordo Sanctae Birgittae), Syon (O.S.Birg.)


“... It also examines the relationship between the Syon community and the nearby Carthusians of Sheen and London. In particular, it highlights the intermediary role of King Henry VII’s mother, Lady Margaret Beaufort, who was an mportant link between the Birgittines, the Carthusians, and the printing houses of the late Middle Ages”. – © Brepols.