Les Consuetudines Guigonis des premiers chartreux

Volledige referentie:

Albert De Meyer & Jozef-Maria De Smet
Les Consuetudines Guigonis des premiers chartreux, in: Analecta Cartusiana, dl. 300, Salzburg, 2013, 63-160  
[De Meyer & De Smet 2013]


Consuetudines, Guigo I O.Cart.: Consuetudines (commentaria), legislatio


"The present article originally appeared in Flemish [De Meyer & De Smet 1951] and thus was scarcely accessible for many Carthusian scholars. The text is here offered in a French translation, which, despite stylistic shortcomings, makes its content more readily available. A few obvious errors in the Flemish text have been silently corrected. James Hogg" (p. 63). — De anonieme vertaler had blijkkbaar niet meer de moed (of de tijd) om ook de voetnoten te vertalen.