Un théoricien de l'expérience mystique: Denys le Charteux (1402/3-1471)

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Charles André Bernard
Un théoricien de l'expérience mystique: Denys le Charteux (1402/3-1471), in: Studies in spirituality, 2 (1992), 127-138  
[Bernard 1992]


Dionysius Cartusiensis (vita mystica), experientia mystica > vita mystica, vita mystica


"In his book De contemplatione, Denis the Carthusian presents a general mystical doctrine. This article shows, simply, that the Ecstatic Doctor deliberately and consistently bases the elaboration of his teaching on the notion of experience. He puts an empirical rather than a transcendental connotation on experience. Consequently, he insists on a mystical exposition approach, trying to give an account of the diversity of personal experiences; their unity is based on the predominant role of affectivity in all mystical experience. In the context of mystical psychology correlating with the experience as such, he stresses that the distinctions are the result, not of different faculties but of different functions of the intelligence and the will".