Scriptores Sacri Ordinis Cartusiensis: A-C

Volledige referentie:

Stanislas Autore
Scriptores Sacri Ordinis Cartusiensis: A-C, dl. 1: A.....Richardus Beaucousin — Anonymus, Ludolphus, Salzburg, 2003, IV-185 p. (= Analecta Cartusiana, 200:1)  
[Autore 2003a]


Facsimile-uitgave van het handschrift dat in de Grande Chartreuse wordt bewaard.


Mededeling van James Hogg, editor van Analecta Cartusiana (p. III)

“In 1993 the Analecta Cartusiana undertook the publication of a facsimile edition of Dom Stanislas Autore's Scriptores Sacri Ordinis Cartusiensis and related matter, whilst regretting the deplorable lost of the first part of the compilation, comprising the authors under A-C. On his transfer from Sélignac to the Grande Chartreuse in November 2001, Dom Gabriel van Dijck repeated my lament on the loss of the first section, only to make the joyful discovery that the volume had been located in the Archives of the Grande Chartreuse”.1

  • 1. Dit is de reden waarom de auteurs onder de alfabetletters A-C niet zijn verschenen in het reeksnummer 120 van Analecta Cartusiana (1993-1995). — Voortgezet door [Autore 1993] [Autore 1994] [Autore 1995].