Two Carthusian histories: their authors and audiences

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Laviece C. Ward
Two Carthusian histories: their authors and audiences, in: James Hogg (ed.), Die Ausbreitung kartäusischen Lebens und Geistes im Mittelalter, dl. 2, Salzburg & Lewiston (N.Y.), 1991, 132-138 (= Analecta Cartusiana, 63:2)  
[Ward 1991]


Anonymus O.Cart.: Oxford Bodleian Library ms. e museo 160 (cura pastoralis), cura pastoralis, manuscripta, Oxford Bodleian Library (ms. e museo 160), Wernerus Rolevinck O.Cart.: Fasciculus temporum (cura pastoralis)


"The Carthusian histories, the first, Fasiculus Temporum, by Wernerus Rolevinck, printed in Cologne in 1474, and the second, an unpublished manuscript, (shelf mark: e museo 160 Bodleian Library) finished in 1518, written in Northern England by an anonymous Carthusian, are examples of the creation of pastoral texts within the Order ... The two texts illustrate the Carthusian interest and concern with the development of individual spirituality and catechetical instruction, both for members of the Order and those beyond its walls" (p. 132).

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