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Jan De Grauwe & Francis Timmermans
Cartae visitationum Cartusiae Lovaniensis (1504-1537 & 1559-1561), British Library, Ms Harley, 3591, Salzburg, 2007, XIV-132 p., 1 ill. (= Analecta Cartusiana, 248)  
[De Grauwe & Timmermans 2007a] PDF-pictogram De Grauwe & Timmermans_ Cartae visitationum cartusiae Lovaniensis.pdf (1.14 MB)
Jan De Grauwe & Francis Timmermans
Visitationes des chartreuses belges. Ad honorem Reverendo John Clark, in: James Hogg (ed.), Stand up to Godwards. Essays in mystical tradition and monastic theology in honour of the Reverend John Clark on his sixth-fifth birthday , Salzburg, 2002, 173-244 (= Analecta Cartusiana, 204)
[De Grauwe & Timmermans 2002] PDF-pictogram De Grauwe & Timmermans_Visitationes des chartreuses belges.pdf (10.36 MB)