Boekenleen uit de kartuis te Sint-Kruis bij Brugge (laatste kwart 14e eeuw)

Documentbezorger: Frans HENDRICKX.
Bronvermelding: Albert DEROLEZ & Benjamin VICTOR (eds.), Corpus Catalogorum Belgii. The medieval booklists of the Southern Low Countries, dl. 1: Province of West Flanders, 2e vermeerderde editie, Brussel, 1997, p. 26-28.
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Diocese: Tournai.
Founded 1318.
Abolished 1783.

Little is known about this Charterhouse, originally located outside the Kruispoort at Bruges, moved inside the city walls in 1584 after the turmoil of the Reformation, and abolished by Emperor Joseph II.
The scriptorium and library must nevertheless have been sizeable. H. Scholtens lists a number of scribes: Henry Beckbeeck of Oldenzaal († 1415), Henry van der Laen (prior ca. 1427-1433), Otto Ameliszoon of Moerdrecht (prior 1433-1438), John of Raephorst (left the monastery in 1458 for Nieuwlicht near Utrecht). All are known for their scribal activity in the Northern Netherlands rather than in the monastery at Bruges. A similar observation is to be made of William Apsel (prior 1462-1465), who is known as a bookbinder in the monastery of Herinnes1. In the XVIth century we meet Anthony Beyns, scribe of Paris, Bibl. Mazarine, MS 957.
The library, whose content is documented only by the piece edited below, had among its benefactors the Adorne family of Bruges, who maintained a very close association with the monastery. The monastery had also the right of superintendence over the Jerusalem chapel, which the family had erected2. Peter Adorne († 1464) entered the Carthusian monastery late in his life, and it was probably at that time that he bequeathed it a portion of his books3. John Adorne (1444-1511), in wills of 1494 and 1502, likewise left most of his books to the Carthusians4.
Somewhat later, manuscripts from this library are mentioned in the XVIth-eentury union catalogue of Bunderius and Carnificis5.
1 SCHOLTENS, p. 143-144, 181.
2 Cfr. the will of John Adorne, cited p. 18, n. 4. [Bruges, State Archives, Fonds Brussel 1866, no. I, 2. [fol, 1r] - - - Ego, Iohannes Adurnus - - - [fol. 4r] - - - carthusiensibus Vallis Gracie iuxta Brugas amicissimis meis - - - cellam unam in suo ambitu construi et edificari feci - - -. [fol. 5r] - - - Eis adhuc lego omnes libros meos qualescumque et ubicumque sint, nisi aliter de aliquibus disposuero, ita tamen quod non alienentur, obsecrans ut non ligatos ligari faciant ut sic melius conserventur; scribanturque in quolibet huiussemodi sequencia verba: "Ex dono Iohannis Adurni, regentis capelle de Iherusalem, cuius nos, prout tenemur, curam haberi et sui eciam meminisci voluit et rogavit". Sed caveatur ne libri capelle partinentes cum meis vel pro meis recipiantur, sed illi capelle dimittantur. Sique heredes mei essent opinionis constituendi unam liberariolam pro capella, consencio tunc quod ex meis recipiantur aliqui usque ad decem quales et quos heredibus meis visum erit.]
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7. Record, in an inventory of the conventual archives, of documents concerning the loan of books, last quarter of the XIVth century.

This inventory of the charters of Genadedal, written in a hand of the late XIVth century, occurs in the XIVth-century cartulary of the monastery (Bruges, City Archives, Aanwinsten, Cahier 1, no. 49 : a paper manuscript, incompletely foliated, h. 403 mm., w. 278 mm.) on the recto of the second leaf (l in the old foliation).
After a heading describing their location, the documents are listed one to the line. Corrections and additions have been made to the inventory in various other hands, mostly of the XIVth century. In the upper margin a hand of the XVth century has written : Nota. Anno Domini Mo CCCCo LXXXVIIo omnia ista sequentia aliter reposita sunt prout patet in deposito. In the case of sorne entries, archive-numbers of the documents are given in the left-hand margin; they consist of a letter and a Roman numeral. However, none of the records of book-loans printed below is accompanied by such a mark.
The list of documents was made without any clear order. For the dating we have a terminus post quem in article 4, since the Charterhouse of Mont-Saint-André was founded in 1376. None of the persons named is otherwise known.


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R.C. VAN CAENEGEM, Notes on Canon Law Books in Medieval Belgian Book-Lists, in : Collectanea Stephan Kuttner, dl. 2, Bologna, 1967, p. 273 (= Studia Gratiana post octava Decreti saecularia, 12).

In de scaperade van den saerters es een zwart ledern voeders daer in zijn de letteren die hier naer gheregistert staen :|
— — —
[1] Itema ene lettere van Jan van Deunsen, monec van Ghent, eenen bouc heift van ons, scilicet summam virtutum also | langhe als hi leven zal.|
— — —
[2] Item eene lettere van meester Pietre Niet, prochipape van Moerkerke, van eenen decrete dat hi van ons | heift te zinen live.|
[3] Item de lettere van Willemme Zeghersa van onsen speghele ystoriale in vlaemsche, die hi heift van ons te zinen live.|
[4] Item van onsen kelecte ende antiphonare die wi hebben gheleent onsen huus te Doorneke1.|
— — —
[5] Item een lettere van onsen vlaemschen speghel die heeft Rutghaer van Ruden.

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a Willemme Zeghers del. man. rec. et supra lin. subst. Pieter Boninne van den Damme.
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