CONFERENCE: Carthusian Session at the Medieval and Renaissance Music Conference

On Wednesday 8 July 2015, the Medieval and Renaissance Music Conference, hosted in Brussels, will feature a Carthusian session, entitled Music and Liturgy in the Carthusian Order ( c. 1100-1500). The session, set up by the Dutch musicologist Thomas Op de Coul and chaired by Karin Strinnholm Lagergren, includes the following papers:

Reconstructing the Antiphonale Sancti Brunonis
Alexander Zerfass

In Search of "Authenticity". Reshaping Plainchant Melodies and Biblicization of the Chant Texts in the Carthusian Tradition
Katarina Šter

The Carthusians and Corpus Christi
Thomas Op de Coul

Between Lines and Neumes. Writing, Reading, Singing - Understanding Music in Carthusian Manuscripts
Olivier Cullin

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